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Advanced SEO Training - Course Details

Advanced SEO Training
50+ sutras to become an SEO Guru

Advanced SEO Training
50+ sutras to become an SEO Guru

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of working on the pages of a website so as to present them in the best way that a search engine robot can identify the purpose of the pages and best quantify the worth of the content in those pages compared to other similar pages on the Internet.

There are tens of other criteria that a search engine robot would consider while indexing and ranking pages of a website so as to determine how many visitors a website or web page can serve at a given time or over a period of time. A search engine robot may also determine how efficiently a web page has been presented so that a website or web page uses Internet bandwidth judiciously. A search engine robot also has various ways to measure 'User Experience' as well as user returnability usually referred to as UX while considering a website for crawling and indexing.

Having considered all the classical SEO criteria while designing and developing a web page, there is something new called 'Structural Data' in which way a web page can be presented and that would make a web page search engine robot's darling.

In all, SEO is a major part of 'Digital Marketing' and is usually referred to as a way of organic digital marketing.

Here in this course, a student would learn more than 50 criteria including the latest structural way of presenting web pages to search engines.

Through this course, a student can gain as much knowledge and skill as one can gain over 2-3 years of experience in industry.


The following is the index of topics that would be covered in this course.

  1. Introduction to digital assets.
  2. Internet History & Basics.
  3. Fundamental Internet Architecture (IP, DNS, NS, ICANN, etc.)
  4. Domain Names, Servers, Hosting, Server Hardware, Cloud services.
  5. Domain registration process, purchasing web hosting and hosting files to bring a website live.
  6. Domain Control Panels, Hosting Control panels and using FTP for file transfers.
  7. Introduction to websites and web pages.
  8. SEO Basics
  9. Step by step learning of 50 plus SEO criteria those need to be considered right from the architecture stage to the implementation stage of a website including domain name selection.
  10. Importance of web page content development and presentation.
  11. Application of SEO techniques at different stages of web design and development.
  12. Learning about meta tags and OG tags.
  13. Importance and Impact of social media on a web page/website popularity.
  14. Importance and Impact of serving web contents on mobile devices.
  15. Presenting structural data to search engines.
  16. Discussion on AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache.
  17. Removal of 'Render-Blocking' javascript and CSS.
  18. Importance and implementation of SSL.
  19. Fundamental and must security features for a website to prevent hacking and spamming.
  20. Discussion on website security audits.
  21. Importance of high availability of a website without downtime.
  22. Discussion on upgrade of a website or change in server hosting without downtime and much impact.
  23. Discussion on impact to search engine traffic when there is a major upgrade to a website and on how to manage the situation in an optimum way.
  24. Discussion on in-organic promotions and search engine marketing.
  25. Listing of SEO and digital marketing terminologies throughout the course and learning their usage.
  26. Learning the following tools.
    • Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools
    • Website statistics tools based on server logs.
    • Learning about how to use Google Analytics and analyse a website through this tool.
    • GTmetrix for building efficient web pages.
    • Load impact tools for measuring the serving capability of a website.
    • Keyword suggestion tools for finding optimum ways to title your web pages and optimizing the page contents.
    • Metatag analysing tools.
    • Cross browser compatibility checking tools.
    • Tools to check the correctness of the server configuration on which a website is hosted.
    • Link popularity checking tools.
    • Content duplication checking tool.
    • SEM Rush.

Live Project:

Student would get an opportunity to work on an on-going live project to get a real-time practical exposure on SEO.

About the trainer

Ganesh Laxmanmurthy is an IT professional with about 20+ years of experience in software development, SEO & digital marketing and computer hardware. He also conducts workshops in robotics and drone building. His strength is to break-up complex concepts to simple subjects and communicate to students to make them theoretically as well as practically understand the underlying knowledge.

Course duration: 24 hours plus 8 hours of live project.

Course Fees: Rs 20000.

To whom is this course for?

  • If you are looking at a career in SEO and Digital Marketing, you are at the right place.
  • If you are a web designer and want to be a complete web design professional, this course is for you.
  • If you are a web developer developing web portals and want to have a more solid career & better appraisal this course is for you.
  • If you are a web master maintaining and promoting a website by yourself, this course is for you.
  • For startups and small companies, we can provide a quick and rapid off the job training session of 5 days and get them project ready.
  • If you are an entrepreneur in web industry, this course is for you.
  • If you want to be a SEO and digital marketing trainer yourself, this course is for you.
  • If you are a faculty in technical or management college teaching Internet or web related topics, this course is for you.
  • If you are working in a corporate and the company wants you to be a SEO specialist for their web projects, this course is for you.
  • If you are a freelancer and want to be sure of what you are serving to your clients through SEO and digital marketing, this course is for you.

How will this course be helpful to you?

  • Any person who is looking for a career in SEO and Digital Marketing has a handle to secure a good job.
  • For a web designer or web developer, SEO is a fundamental subject in which he/she has to have commanding knowledge. Only in this way he can be a part of a team developing successful projects.
  • A startup entrepreneur in web industry will have a good grip and understanding on the development and promotional process of his company's products, if he has reasonable knowledge in SEO and Digital Marketing.
  • Startups and small companies can save a lot of money by hiring freshers and provide them 'off the job training'. In this way, they can also retain the employees for a longer period of time.
  • A trainer or faculty member in an educational institution will be able to contemporarily and practically guide his/her students while discussing digital marketing. He/She can also play a vital role as project guide.

Career opportunities in SEO and Digital Marketing.

If you run a search query on leading job portals like,,,, etc., you can know that there is a huge demand for SEO specialists and digital marketing professionals at fresher as well as experienced levels.

Why Us
  • We have created a specialized course in this program so that students gain in-depth knowledge in the subject and master it.
  • Our training methodology is practical skill-oriented so that a student is interview ready by the end of this course or work on a real-time project without further training.
  • We take limited students in a batch.
About Us

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At Probiz IT & ITES training division, our highest priority is to help students for successful careers. We do this by Project Based Training to teach all software technologies and tools. Trainers at Probiz IT & ITES are qualified and industry experienced. They inculcate best practices in software development while following standard SDLC in project development. They also add value by addressing student's communication skills, corporate culture, corporate awareness, interview readyness etc.

Faculty Name: Ganesh Laxmanmurthy

IT Experience: 20+ years

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